Jared Leto recently posted a video and images of a rock climb that could have gone terribly wrong. The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman says he "nearly died."

Leto was mountain climbing at Red Rock with professional climber Alex Honnold when he saw that a sharp rock above him was cutting into his rope.

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"Not to sound dramatic, but this is the day I nearly died," the singer tweeted. "Took a pretty good fall climbing with @AlexHonnol at Red Rock. Looked up and within seconds the rope was being cut by the rock while I dangled some 600 ft in the air. I remember looking down at the ground below."

"It was a strange moment - less fear, more matter of fact, and slightly melancholy. The adrenaline came after, when I got back on the wall. But we made it through and lived to see another day."

Fans expressed concern over the almost-tragedy and even gave Leto a few suggestions on what activities he should do that don't endanger his life.

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Along with his fans, we're happy he's OK.

More on Jared Leto

In January, the upcoming Morbius film received its first trailer. It gives us our best look yet at the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off. The film stars Jared Leto, and previously we had to scrape by on a few teasers and set photos posted by the vocalist.

Morbius is based on the character Morbius the Living Vampire from the Marvel Comic. Michael Morbius is a scientist looking for a cure for a rare blood disease. Morbius accidentally turns himself into a living vampire and decides to quench his bloodlust on criminals he deems unworthy.

Watch the trailer below.

What do you think of Jared Leto's Red Rocks mountain climb? Let us know in the comments below!

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