Fresh off the release of his EP The Story Of Hugo, indie star JAWNY is sharing a brand-new music video for "Tombstone Grey" exclusively on Alternative Press ahead of its worldwide release. Fans can check out the fast-paced, outlandishly funny visuals here alongside an exclusive interview with JAWNY.

The stunning one-take video sees the artist arrive home to find his partner with another person. With that, JAWNY packs up his car and heads to Las Vegas, where romances can be pushed aside with the pull of a slot machine lever. In the end, our protagonist does come face to face with the man from the beginning of the video. Ultimately, this character knocks JAWNY out and steals his car.

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The melancholy faces and gloom-tinged aesthetic pair perfectly with the light, yearning vocals that allow us to hear JAWNY aiming to cope with a solitary life and feeling that signature "tombstone grey" color.

This music video and EP follow JAWNY's 2020 release, For Abby, which features indie hits such as "Honeypie" and "Super Bad Mantra." From last year to now, we see the artist experiment with new sounds to create fuller indie-rock gems that are timeless, both sonically and lyrically.

In addition to celebrating his new EP, JAWNY also announced his first headline run. Starting in November, he will perform on stages from San Diego to Boston.

You can check out the brand-new video for "Tombstone Grey" below, alongside a Q&A with the artist.

What inspired the fast-paced shooting style and overall aesthetic for the music video?

I wouldn’t really say anything inspired it other than that’s how we really live. Me and [director] Spencer [Ford] both are into the same crazy shit. We are two kids being given money to play out whatever crazy fantasy we want to create. We just want to see how far we can push this thing.

What was the most fun part of crafting the video?

I had the pleasure of waking up and saying, "Babe, I’m out. Gotta work" and road trip to Las Vegas and jump around the streets of L.A. I’m living my childhood dream. This is all I’ve ever wanted: to be busy making art. All of it was fun!

Your lyrics are undeniably catchy, meaningful and sometimes even funny. For example, the YouTube/U2 line was very clever. What is your favorite lyric from "Tombstone Grey" and why?

“The world wants me to love or lose/The good news is I don’t have to choose because I lost you.” That line hits me in the gut every time I sing it live or hear it. That juxtaposition is just beautiful to me. It’s good news that I don’t have to choose life's ultimate test because I’ve already lost, and the thought of leaving you myself would be the hardest thing somebody could ever do. Ouch.

You even described on Instagram how you used an orchestra on “Tombstone Grey.” How did you know this was the right fit for your song? Do you hope to use strings in more projects to come?

I think if the song calls for it, then maybe. But it’s all stuff that should come naturally. I didn’t go into making "Tombstone Grey" thinking there would be an orchestra at the end. The track just took me there. I think it’s a feeling when you know something is missing or a track has an empty part, and it’s up to you to find out what the phantom thread is. Once you find that phantom thread, then the rest is history.

The Story Of Hugo EP is finally out. You got to experiment with a ton of sounds, whether it was the orchestra, the big guitars in “Take It Back,” etc. How did you find yourself growing and changing with your creativity on this release?

I’ve grown so much since my last release. I’m 6 foot 11 now and am relocating to a new home in Los Angeles that can accommodate my new height. Bigger bathroom, bigger door frames, taller cabinets. I cannot wait to leave this hobbit house and finally have a house built for a giant like me.

You can grab tickets for a JAWNY concert here and see the full list of dates below.

07/29 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall - Lollapalooza Aftershow
07/30 – Chicago, IL @ Grant Park - Lollapalooza

11/01 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah
11/03 – Oakland, CA @ New Parish
11/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
11/08 – Washington DC @ Union Stage
11/09 – New York, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
11/12 – Boston, MA @ Crystal Ballroom
11/15 – Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground