The newest victim added to the unfortunately ever-growing list of thefts, van break-ins and trailer robberies in our music scene is Jeff Rosenstock, ex-frontman of the now-defunct Bomb The Music Industry! Currently on tour with Modern Baseball, PUP and Tiny Moving Parts, supporting his recent SideOneDummy Records release We Cool?, Rosenstock's van was broken into in San Francisco following their Sunday night show in Oakland, CA. As noted in Rosenstock's tweets below, a window in his van was broken and his band's gear, instruments, clothing and more was stolen.


A statement from Rosenstock on the GoFundMe page where you can donate to help recoup losses reads as follows:

"Hi there. 

Thank you for reaching out and saying you'd like to help us. We are lucky people. We get to travel the world and play music. We are alive. We are blessed with a lot of wonderful people who we get to call friends.

But yeah, our luck ran the fuck out today. Our van got broken into... all our guitars, pedals, cymbals, hardware, and clothing got stolen. I've been on the phone with the SF police department for about an hour itemizing all of the shit that got jacked, and I'm pretty sure they just lost the list (edit: yes, they lost the list.)

Anyway, we're accepting donations if you want to donate. Please don't feel obligated to do anything because we give away our music for free, we have never wanted anything in return for that. 

But if you're looking at a bunch of sad boys and girls who no longer have any clothes, wandering around naked with sick riffs and no tone, dredging through this stupid country playing for nice people like you, some of whom cover their ears through our entire set, some of whom bring us drawings, treats and good vibes, well... click here to send us some money for our Old Navy Guitar Center shopping spree baby.

-- Jeff"