Jeffree Star teased a new makeup palette this week and now the former musician turned makeup mogul is revealing the new products.

He's sharing the "Cremated" eyeshadow palette now as the latest Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection which was initially supposed to arrive in April but was pushed back.

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The new palette is the follow-up to highly-anticipated vampy-style Blood Lust Collection back in February.

Until now, people ended up guessing what the color selection contains while videos ended up offering clues for people to guess.

The first clue was Star saying “we were supposed to have a very dark spring.”  

Further, Jeffree Star also says that “this might be [his] favorite Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection [they’ve] ever done.” 

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

Last night, Star revealed the new palette with the promise that a full unveiling video would be arriving today.

Now, we're getting that video and it explains how the coronavirus pandemic pushed things off due to production issues.

In the video, he's explaining all of the various reasons why it is named "Cremated" and why the line is using neutral colors instead of glowing greens, coppers and other colors.

Further, he calls it the antithesis of the "Jawbreaker" line and shows off the various products included. It features a range of grays going from dark to light with new stamps showing off a new logo included.

Star explains his personal connection to the goth-inspired collection saying its something he wishes he had back when he was younger.

"I have been wearing ‘gothic makeup’—that term I know is used very loosely and widely—but in high school [and] I'm going to throw up some pictures here, I was very gothic. I never called myself that, I was always just Jeffree but I loved dark makeup. I shaved my eyebrows off for the first time in tenth grade, and I just loved the look. I loved how extravagant everything was and I was very vampire-esque back then in high school. This is very reminiscent to a palette that I wish I would have during those times.”

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He expands on choosing the gothic palette by relating it to various photoshoots he's done while working as a musician.

"Besides that, when I was doing my music career for a very, very long time I did a lot of photoshoots in cemeteries. I did a crazy grave digging one for AP magazine, so it was time to just have a full throwback, full circle moment."

While showing off some of the shades, he talks about one called "Mortuary Beautician" and explains how prior to MySpace he wanted to go to school for that job.

"Alright now the third shade is called the "Mortuary Beautician." Fun fact, little Jeffree Lynn was going to go to college to do makeup on dead people when MySpace happened and my entire life changed. So, if I wasn't doing this, what would I be doing? Now you know."

The new line is arriving on May 22 at 10 AM PST exclusively online at

In the new line, the palette features 24 shades and is selling for $58 while lipglosses are available for $18. On top of that, other items available include a black marble travel bag ($30), a white marble makeup bag ($25) and a "Cremated" metal straw set ($19.99).

You can watch the unveiling video below.

While many fans are excited about the latest collection, some feel the name choice was a poor decision given the current global pandemic. However, others are defending Jeffree, stating the name was decided back in 2019 according to screenshots from one fan.

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What do you think of the new Jeffree Star makeup palette? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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