On May 16, Jeffree Star announced the launch of his brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette called "Cremated." Although many fans of Star's makeup line are excited about the new release, both the timing and apparent inspiration of the palette have stirred up a lot of backlash and controversy.

Now, in a new video posted onto his YouTube channel, Star is addressing the backlash surrounding the new palette.

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Star's new "Cremated" collection follows up his recent Blood Lust collection that launched in February. As the first product to be revealed from the "Cremated" collection, the "Cremated" eyeshadow palette was originally supposed to arrive in April. However, its release was pushed back.

The monochromatic eyeshadow palette features various mortality and funeral-related references. Some of the eyeshadow names include "Grave Digger," "The Morgue," "Hearse," and "Casket Ready."

For Star, he mentions in the palette's launch video that he really wanted to create a gothic-inspired eyeshadow palette similar to one he dreamed of having when he was younger.

“I have been wearing gothic makeup—that term I know is used very loosely and widely—but in high school [and] I’m going to throw up some pictures here, I was very gothic," Star says. "This is very reminiscent to a palette that I wish I would have during those times.”

He also expands on choosing the gothic palette by relating it to various photoshoots he’s done while working as a musician.

“Besides that, when I was doing my music career for a very, very long time I did a lot of photoshoots in cemeteries," he says. "I did a crazy grave digging one for AP magazine, so it was time to just have a full throwback, full circle moment.”

Following the announcement of the palette, however, some began to question if the release of the palette during this time is appropriate. Onlookers took to Twitter to share their feelings about Star releasing his "Cremated" palette during the coronavirus pandemic where thousands of people have died.

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Now, Star has officially released a video addressing the comments he has received over the palette. In the new video, the makeup mogul explains the reasoning behind the launch of the palette.

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"I created this to make people smile," Star says. "I created a brand for all of the weirdos and people that really didn't feel like they fit in. In no way was this created to be offensive ever."

The "Cremated" palette was created last year before the pandemic began. Star shares that if he were to delay the collection's launch, production schedules would force the collection to be pushed back to 2021. This would then cause consumers to receive expired makeup. He also says that he wants this collection to arrive before the launch of his summer collection.

Star explains that this palette was not created with ill-intentions and that he himself has had loved ones who were cremated.

"On a real level, my own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated," Star says. "So nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life. If you take it that way, that's how you articulate things."

Star shares that his fans and onlookers have a right to express how they feel about his makeup and that he only creates products with the best intentions.

“I’m never discrediting anyone’s feelings,” Star says. “Everyone is allowed to feel what they want and interpret things how they do. Just know that I only come from a good place.”

The full video from Jeffree Star is available to watch below. Star's new "Cremated" makeup collection arrives on May 22.

What do you think about Jeffree Star's new palette? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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