Jeffree Star's latest video sees the former musician turned makeup mogul reacting to TikToks that feature #JeffreeStar. The 18-minute video shows Star reacting to all sorts of different videos. One in particular though is someone claiming they broke into Star's new home.

Jeffree Star bought the 25,000 sq./ft palatial mansion in December of 2019 and has been renovating it ever since. The home cost a reported $14.6 million.

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Jeffree Star is often very transparent with his thoughts, feelings and motives. Star recently made headlines for warning against people impersonating him and asking for money through Cash App.

Now, with the coronavirus quarantine in full swing, Jeffree Star decided to crack open the TikTok app and take a gander at the content about him. The videos range from very odd direct message videos to borderline criminal activity. That's what we're focusing on here.

One of the videos that Jeffree Star reacts to show's two people allegedly filming themselves breaking into Star's mansion.

The video was captioned "When you sneak into Jeffree Star's house during quarantine." It showed two individuals on the grounds of Star's mansion.
Star quickly debunked the video after saying he and his team had been contacted numerous times about the TikTok.

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"Okay, so their account has literally only that video," Star begins. "Now listen, that is my home, but there's no rose garden anymore and all the patio furniture is gone."

"So, that's very convincing, also a little sketchy and a little scary because you're kind of perpetuating that you broke into my house while I wasn't here. Which is not possible!"

"And I'm like, if you don't really know that the rose garden is gone, right? You'll believe the video. So no one broke into my home, everyone sending it to me, thank you, I really appreciate it, we have everything under control."

Jeffree Star went on to explain that his armed security would be more than happy to address the situation if anyone did manage to break onto the property.

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"Colin and Roman are not playing games, they're going to bow and arrow someone's ass if they even come to the door. But, whoever you are, cute."

So, if you were worried about Star, just know that the video was faked and was more than likely filmed before Star moved in.

Watch the full video below.

More Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star seems to be being used to scam people through Cash App. Star recently made headlines for sending fans money to assist them during the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems that shitty people are going to be shitty and are now using a fake Jeffree Star profile to ask people for money. The ruse appears to be asking for money in an attempt to verify a winner in a fake $1000 giveaway.

Just last week, Jeffree Star began giving away money to a bunch of people that needed help for various situations regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Jeffree Star was more than happy to oblige and was sending increments of $250 or more dollars to many, many people.

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Star quickly reached the limit on Cash App and needed to be approved for a verified account to send more money. Star eventually gave one person $30,000 and has continued giving away thousands of dollars to those in need.

Well, it was only a matter of time until someone tried to capitalize on the kindness of others. It appears that someone made a fake account and attempted to scam strangers out of their own money while posing as Jeffree Star.

Star quickly replied and addressed the situation.

100% FAKE!! I would NEVER ask anyone for money. If anyone’s trying to scam people out of money, there is a special place in hell for you

Cash App Support also jumped in and announced that they deactivated the account.

Hey, Jess! That’s fake. Please don’t sent them any funds. We also have deactivated that account. Let us know if you need help with anything!

Be on the lookout for fake Jeffree Star profiles and anyone else asking for money in an attempt to scam you during this difficult time.

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