Jeffree Star posted his first video of the New Year today. The makeup mogul takes us on a 36-minute tour of his new multi-million dollar mansion. Accompanying Star is YouTuber Shane Dawson and his partner Ryland.

The video shows us all assets of the house from the driveway to the backyard pool and everything in between.

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The home reportedly cost Star $14.6 million dollars. The home itself is 25,000 sq./ft. and has two attached guest houses, as well as a 4,700 sq./ft. garage. It is all situated on 2.8 acres in Hidden Hills, CA.

The video starts with Jeffree Star describing his rise from nothing to something. Star talks about how he had a dream and made it come true with less than $500 in his pocket after quitting music.

"When I quit music I literally had about $400 plus dollars left [...] and I had dreams of starting a makeup line," Star says.

"I never gave up on myself. I want you guys to take that away from me, I never gave up on my dreams and no dream is ever too big. That's what I've learned. Every time I accomplish something I see that there is so much out there for me to do."

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Star then welcomes Dawson and Ryland into the extravagant mega-mansion and the real tour begins. Jeffree Star discusses that the house is "like basically empty" and they are picking out paint-swatches. Star then describes his vision for the home.

"I'm not gonna do a Barbie-house and I think a lot of people may be shocked by that. But I'm just feeling a whole different vibe of like opulence and black velvet and gold and white and like, woodsy."

Star shows us the home-theater and the temperature-controlled wine cellar before showing us the sauna, kitchen, pool and backyard. The video mainly consists of Star describing what he plans on doing with each room and the renovations.

Star shows a sweeping view of the land that the property is on and shows a house near the edge of the property. Star plans on transforming it into the Beauty Barn.

"I haven't announced this yet at all," Star says. "I am going to turn that into the Beauty Barn. Full hair salon, shampoo bowls, nail station like makeup everything. So that's gonna be the beauty barn."

Star ends the video by thanking his fans and everyone that supported him in his dream. Watch the whole video below.

More Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a scene-staple. Rising to stardom in the era of the Myspace-fueled music industry, Star left that role for other endeavors. Now it appears, Star is seeking a return to the grounds that found him.

Jeffree Star recently stated that all the things are in place for 2020 to be a musical year.

We’ve ended 20ninescene and we almost had one of the best sendoffs. In a recent interview with Trisha Paytas’ on her The Dish With Trish podcast, Star revealed his plans.

“Okay, I was going to try and release a single this year and life got so busy and so much shit happened,” Star said. “My mom’s been really sick and my two dogs dying, all this stuff happened… But I would love to and I think next year is the perfect time. I have all the decks lined up.”

New Jeffree Star music in 20ninescene would have been exactly the type of nostalgia we all needed. But, with all the cards in place for a music return in 2020, we’ll have to settle.

What do you think of Jeffree Star's new mega-mansion? Sound off below.

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