Jeffree Star announced a big surprise for everyone on May 13. The former musician, turned massive makeup mogul revealed that he is revealing a brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection on May 16. The color scheme is still a huge mystery, but Star has given us a few teasers to work with. 

The last collection Star revealed was the highly-anticipated vampy-style Blood Lust Collection back in February. 

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Jeffree Star recently made headlines for giving back to his fans, as he's done numerous times already. Just last week, Star was sending hoards of money over Cash App to his followers that needed a little help. 

Now, Jeffree Star just keeps the good news flowing. This week he revealed that a brand new collection is being revealed this weekend. 


Exactly what the color scheme of the collection will be is still unknown but we have a few clues. In videos posted to Jeffree Star's story he says the collection was delayed and was supposed to release in April. The first clue is Star saying "we were supposed to have a very dark spring." It could be that the palette features bright pastel spring-like colors with dark undertones. 

Jeffree Star also says that "this might be [his] favorite Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection [they've] ever done." 

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

Star drops a few teasers of the studio, including the iconic purple Blood Lust throne. Jeffree Star mentions that he might even auction of the purple chair, so stay tuned for that. 

[video width="644" height="1144" mp4=""][/video]

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Following the taping of the video reveal, Star is back home and tantalizes us with two more stories in total black and white. We can try and piece together a bit about what the color scheme might be based on these videos though.

The filter Star is using shows he has split hair color with dark underneath and a lighter shade on top. His eye shadow also doesn't appear to be super dark, even with the black-and-white filter on. So if the eyeshadow is a bit on the lighter side, it could be that this "dark spring" could feature a lot of pastels and such, with some dark undertones to really complete the look. Of course, we could also take Star literally and this upcoming collection could fulfill the darkest, goth fantasies. 

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

Fans have been speculating about the color scheme since Jeffree Star announced the news. Check out some theories below.


Star might have put and end to the green color theories with a recent Instagram post though. In it, Star has a teal-greenish hair and says the new reveal has nothing to do with this photo.

Can you guess what the color scheme for the next @jeffreestarcosmetics collection is?? ? The BIG Reveal will be on my channel Saturday morning! Hint: It has nothing to do with this photo.


So be it gothic, green, nudes, rainbow or anything else, stay tuned for the full video reveal on Saturday, May 16 and found out then. Until then, tell us your guesses in the comments below!

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