Jeffree Star is a gift to YouTubeAside from owning a multimillion dollar makeup company and possibly working on a return to music, Star has been uploading videos on the platform for a handful of years now, and he’s not afraid to be himself. 

His content ranges from product reviews and collaborations to more ridiculous content such as doing his makeup in unusual, sometimes even dangerous, locations and eating as much Taco Bell as physically possible.

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The range of videos on his channel is impressive in itself. Because he has so many to offer, we rounded up 10 of the most ridiculous videos that Star has ever put on the internet for you to watch in amazement. Check those out below.

When he showed off his massive new house

Star isn’t shy about his money in any sense, at least not on his YouTube channel. He’s seen wearing designer clothes and makeup, but the biggest flex was when he uploaded a video showing off his new dream house. It has all the bells and whistles and then some, and it’s nothing short of impressive. 

When he destroyed makeup he hated with a flamethrower

Accompanied by fellow YouTuber James Charles, Star threw some major shade at makeup brands and even his old friends while destroying some of their makeup products. He used everything from a sledgehammer to a flamethrower to completely dismantle the makeup, which was undoubtedly entertaining to watch. 

When he stayed at the Taco Bell hotel 

When Taco Bell announced they were opening a hotel that was entirely themed around their restaurants for a limited time only, there was no way Star wasn’t going to be invited. He’s basically one of the biggest ambassadors for the chain as he’s always obsessing over them online. He gave his viewers an inside look of the hotel so they could feel like they were there, and somehow it’s even more ridiculous than you could ever imagine. 

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When he became a bro with the Dolan Twins

Let’s not forget when Star ditched his pink designer outfits and makeup looks to totally transform into a “bro” version of himself. He switched lives in a video with the Dolan Twins and even embodied their routines by hitting the gym, drinking protein shakes, skateboarding and more. The masculine version of Star may haunt your nightmares for eternity, but it was hilarious to watch. 

When he filmed a mukbang on a private jet

In case you didn’t know, Star is rich as hell. If you don’t believe it, just watch his version of a mukbang video, where people eat a lot of food, which he decided to film on his private plane filled with Pomeranians. Now that is goals. 

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When he read his boyfriend’s DMs in ASMR

Star isn’t afraid to throw shade at haters on his channel and has a recurring series where he reads hate comments from people, sometimes in whisper-style like ASMR videos. This time, he switched it up and had us gagging when he read DMs from people who were thirsty for his boyfriend at the time. 

When he let drive-thru workers do his makeup

Joined by YouTuber Trisha Paytas, Star decided to take a popular YouTube trend of asking fast-food employees what to order and switch it up, instead asking them to do his makeup. Imagine if you were just at work one day and a makeup mogul drove up and asked you to apply his lipstick. It’s truly a sight to behold. 

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When he did his makeup on Tesla autopilot

Speaking of Star doing his makeup in weird places, we cannot forget the time he put his Tesla on autopilot so he could beat his face. This is definitely not something to try on your own, but we’re glad Star filmed the experience so we could see what it’s like. 

When he wore makeup from brands that hate him

Because he’ the master of throwing shade, Star decided to do a full face of makeup using products from brands that aren’t his biggest fans for one reason or another including Kat Von D and Kylie Jenner. And because he’s honest, he even explained some of the beef so people knew why he was hated. He really isn’t afraid of anything. 

When he recreated his high school makeup 

While many people on YouTube participated in this trend, no one did it better than Star. He recreated his old makeup looks that were straight out of the Myspace days, even using hot pink blush as contour for his face.