Jeffree Star seems to be being used to scam people through Cash App. Star recently made headlines for sending fans money to assist them during the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems that shitty people are going to be shitty and are now using a fake Jeffree Star profile to ask people for money. The ruse appears to be asking for money in an attempt to verify a winner in a fake $1000 giveaway.

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Just last week, Jeffree Star began giving away money to a bunch of people that needed help for various situations regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Jeffree Star was more than happy to oblige and was sending increments of $250 or more dollars to many, many people.

Star quickly reached the limit on Cash App and needed to be approved for a verified account to send more money. Star eventually gave one person $30,000 and has continued giving away thousands of dollars to those in need.

Star quickly replied and addressed the situation.

100% FAKE!! I would NEVER ask anyone for money. If anyone’s trying to scam people out of money, there is a special place in hell for you

Cash App Support also jumped in and announced that they deactivated the account.

Hey, Jess! That's fake. Please don't sent them any funds. We also have deactivated that account. Let us know if you need help with anything!


One Cash App aficionado gave some advice to those who have been hit up.

Be on the lookout for fake Jeffree Star profiles and anyone else asking for money in an attempt to scam you during this difficult time.

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