If you've ever dreamed of taking part in a golden ticket scavenger hunt as seen in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, your time is finally here.

Jelly Belly's founder has launched a Wonka-inspired scavenger hunt involving golden tickets hidden throughout the United States. The grand prize? An entire factory of your own.

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David Klein, founder of Jelly Belly, no longer owns the candy business. However, he is bringing a Willy Wonka-inspired scavenger hunt to the United States. In a video posted on TheGoldTicket.com, Klein reveals that he's hiding golden tickets in each U.S. state. The "golden tickets" look like gold-colored military dog tags.

However, Klein's scavenger hunt is not exactly like the one we remember in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Players must pay $49.98 to receive a riddle that will help them locate these golden tickets. Different state riddles are being released on different days. Georgia's state riddle is being released first on Sept. 30.

"We've already hidden quite a few of (the tickets)," Klein says in the video. "We're going to have the ultimate treasure hunt where the winner will be receiving a key to one of our candy factories."

Only 1000 people are allowed to participate in each state's hunt. Those who pay to join will also have access to a private Facebook group where participants can talk about their hunts. As well, $5000 will be rewarded to each individual who finds a golden ticket.

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One player will win the ultimate prize - their very own candy factory. The 4000-square foot factory up for grabs, however, is not a Jelly Belly factory. Klein sold his stake in the company back in 1980. According to Klein, the factory is a Candyman Kitchens location in Florida.

All of the contest rules are available to view here.

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Are you going to join the Jelly Belly contest? Let us know in the comments below.