(Image: Marshallamps.com)

Sad news out of London this morning as Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amps, has passed away in a hospice at the age of 88. From the Washington Post, via AP

"Marshall had cancer and endured a series of strokes, including several that were severe, his son, Terry Marshall, said.

'My wife and I were with him when he passed away,' his son said. 'He got cancer toward the end of last year, and had surgery for that, and it came back. He was in a terrible state the last five or six weeks. He’s in a much better place now.'

Jim Marshall was long associated with the heavy guitar sounds his amps helped popularize in the 1960s, when Pete Townshend of The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and others turned to stacks of Marshall amps to create a thunderous hard rock sound.

He was not looking for musical precision in his amplifiers, but wanted a sound that conveyed raw, fuzzy power. Aficionados credit him with developing the 'amp stack' that allowed garage bands to make a powerful noise in small dance halls and gymnasiums."

Musicians have been paying tribute to Marshall on twitter this morning; we'll update this post as we get more tweets.