Musicians react to President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris being sworn in

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. took the oath of office as President Of The United States in the nation’s Capitol today, January 20, alongside Kamala Harris who will serve as Vice President.

According to NBC News, the Inauguration ceremony is socially distanced with masks required.

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Some of those who were invited decided not to attend due to security concerns following the Capitol riots that occurred mere weeks ago on Jan. 6. Reporters are wearing bulletproof vests while reporting from the ground according to NBC News.

Michelle and Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, now-former VP Mike Pence, a handful of Supreme Court justices and more are among the guests. The Trump family is not in attendance and retreated to Mar-a-Lago this morning.

The day ahead is full of inaugural events, including a primetime concert featuring performances from Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato and more starting at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Biden and Harris took their oaths around noon today. Additionally, Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem, Jennifer Lopez sang “This Land Is Your Land” and Amanda Gorman, an American poet, shared a moving original piece during the ceremony.

During his first speech as president, Biden called for unity and emphasized that he will work just as hard for those who do not support him as much as those who do support him.

Several musicians have watched in shock and disgust at the now-former president, Donald Trump, and his regressive policies and actions and celebrate a new administration. Here is how the rock community is reacting to today’s transition of power.

Tegan and Sara are pouring one out for Trump being gone.

Laura Jane Grace is just sitting back to fully zone in on the Inauguration today.

Geoff Rickly of Thursday made us “LOL” with this one.

YUNGBLUD shared his excitement noting that he feels hopeful and that “democracy wins.” He also is stoked to see the first female VP.

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag wants you to blast “YOU’RE FIRED” in celebration of Trump out of office.

Enter Shikari‘s Rou Reynolds discussed how Trump and Biden will definitely not be the same. Not one bit.

Spose noted what we lost and what we didn’t. Fortunately, we are saying “Bye Don.”

Jake Bowen of Periphery said it plain and simple. It’s important to continue to be active with voting and holding representatives accountable.

Bebe Rexha shared how she’s excited to see the historic day in terms of Kamala Harris becoming the first female VP in the nation.

Best Ex said “Bye Felicia.”

Riley Breckenridge of Thrice coined our new favorite term: Apex Poser.

Cassadee Pope, formerly of Hey Monday, feels lots of hope after seeing the events unfold this morning.