Joey Cape

Stitch Puppy

Joey Cape is best known as being the vocalist for punks Lagwagon, but he’s slowly built up a body of quieter work that lands just as hard as his day job. Stitch Puppy, his third (and best) album, hits right in the heart: The 10 songs show Cape at his most open and melancholy. “Me The Witness” is a stripped-down version of the saddest (read: best) Lagwagon tunes. “This Life Is Strange” offers a bit of hope in its fun and bouncy rhythm, but even then, Cape sounds morose—in all the best ways. And if the beautiful “St. Mary’s” and the intense closer “Tracks” don’t pull your heartstrings, they’ve obviously been ravaged by too much skate punk. (FAT WRECK CHORDS; 

Fat Wreck Chords

Me the Witness