john carpenter ill find you
[Photo by Sophie Gransard]

John Carpenter drops "I'll Find You" from 'Firestarter' soundtrack—listen

John Carpenter has shared “I’ll Find You.” The single is the second song to be released from the Firestarter soundtrack.

The soundtrack is set to release digitally via Back Lot Music May 13, along with the film. Additionally, the soundtrack will be released on CD, vinyl and cassette Oct. 14 via Sacred Bones. Look below for the full tracklist.

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“’I’ll Find You’ is one of my favorites from the Firestarter score,” Carpenter says. “It drives right along and carries you with it.”

The track is populated by eerie synths and pulsing percussion that’s sure to intensify whatever scenes it finds itself in.

The soundtrack was composed by Carpenter, Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter. This marks the trio’s first collaboration since their work on the music for the Halloween movie franchise.

Check out “I’ll Find You” below.

Firestarter tracklist

1. “Mother’s Love”
2. “Lot 6 (Main Titles)”
3. “Are You Scared Of Me?”
4. “Dodge Ball Heats Up”
5. “Corporate Menace”
6. “Burned Hands”
7. “Rainbird Fights Vicky”
8. “Bless Mommy”
9. “Flashback Kills”
10. “Police Arrive”
11. “Sniper Attack”
12. “Charlie Alone”
13. “Charlie’s Power”
14. “I’ll Find You”
15. “Charlie’s Rampage”
16. “Rampage Ends”
17. “Firestarter (End Titles)”