[Photo by: Lush, John Mayer/Facebook]

Ah, Lush. Everyone from bands to fans love a good bath bomb from time to time. (Or every night... No judgement.)

It turns out John Mayer is a fan of the brand's bombs too, and he shared an ode to the Big Sleep Jelly Bomb that we can seriously relate to.

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It's truly a love song for the ages, singing that the "jelly bomb's excreting/all the things my body's needing," and it's a sudsy dream.

And after sharing the lyrics, he decides to grab a guitar to give the bath bomb a proper serenade.


Mayer's next big hit? "Jelly Bomb." You heard it here first. Not to mention, Twitter loved the video as much as we did.

Now which band will make a bath bomb-inspired tune? We pick State Champs.


Thanks to @lushcosmetics for the best smelling gifts!

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