Ahead of the theatrical release of Joker, star Joaquin Phoenix left a press interview when he was asked a question about the film’s violent content. 

Phoenix’s character is also known as Arthur Fleck, who is the main focus in the first R-rated film in the Batman franchise. He was speaking with The Telegraph critic Robbie Collin when the incident took place. 

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The new movie allegedly features a lot of graphic violence that leads to the supervillain becoming such a dark character. Collin asked Phoenix if the film has the potential to incite reel-world violence. She asked if it “might perversely end up inspiring exactly the kind of people it’s about, with potentially tragic results?”

Phoenix apparently asked why the reported asked the question and left the room. He returned an hour later, after speaking with a Warner Bros. PR person as to how to respond. He said he hadn’t anticipated the question, which is why he left. The Telegraph reports that they were never given a direct answer from the actor regarding the question. 


We knew the film, directed by Todd Phillips, was going to be dark based on the latest gritty trailer that gives fans a bit more insight about the story behind the infamous bad guy. 

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Phoenix’s character is largely on the outskirts of society, ignored by many, which leads to his sinister personality. 

He’s chastized for his behavior by strangers and tormented by constant negative thoughts that overtake him completely. 

The final straw is when popular talk show hot Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) roasts him on national TV, and he completely loses it and begins to take revenge on a world that hates him. 

The trailer is full of drama and scenes that leave the viewer on edge, which we can only hope translates to the full-length picture. Check it out for yourself below.

Joker debuts in theaters on October 4. 

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