That’s right, folks — State Champs are trying to get the attention of the Jonas Brothers amidst reunion speculation.

However, the story gets even weirder. Almost a year ago, State Champs bassist Ryan Scott Graham actually predicted their return. Additionally, Graham suggested that the Disney stars would take their band out on tour with them... Fingers crossed.

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When The Jonas Brothers finally do a reunion tour, they will most definitely take out State Champs,” Graham says in a tweet. “I’m speaking it into existence now. Nick [Jonas] and I will be good friends. He seems nice.”

Since then, the news of a potential Jonas Brothers reunion has started spreading all over the internet. That said, sources say that the JoBros are amidst a reunion under a new name, JONAS. The reunion would come after six years apart.

“It’s no secret that things weren’t great by the end of the Jonas Brothers, but blood is thicker than water and they’ve healed their rift in the years since the split,” a source says in a story with The Sun. “After enjoying solo music success and taking time to work on passion projects, they feel that now is the right time to get back together.”

Additionally, according to The Sun, the band were all spotted together in London.

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Despite the promising indicators, the band have yet to officially announce the reunion. After all, we know better than anyone that seeing a band together in the same place doesn’t necessarily mean that a reunion is happening (*cough cough* My Chemical Romance *cough cough*).

However, the reunion rumors made Graham remember the tweet he made back in April anyway. Just in case, Graham mentioned Joe Jonas in the tweet to put State Champs back on their radar.

According to Seventeen, the Jonas Brothers reunited in 2013 to put out two songs, “Pom Poms” and “First Time.” You can listen to both tracks below.

Would you want State Champs to open up for the Jonas Brothers? Sound off in the comments below.

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