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It's the news all Jonas Brothers fans have been waiting for—there might just be a reunion.

*Don't freak out, don't freak out, DON'T FREAK OUT*

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After splitting up in 2013, the Jonas Brothers have officially reactivated their Instagram account as of Jan. 15, sparking all kinds of excitement from fans.

The Jonas Brothers instagram

And, as Bustle points out, this isn't the only reason to think that there'll be a reunion... The trio were recently pictured with Katie Liestman and Ryan Liestman, who both just happened to be part of the brothers' backing band. "Family reunion," Liestman captioned the post.

(More like "band reunion," right?!)


Family reunion.

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The band released their album A Little Bit Longer in 2008, and we just have a feeling that a 10-year anniversary tour is a good possibility...

Our fingers are crossed. (And we'll keep you updated, of course.)