In a new interview with Team Rock, Jonny Craig speaks on getting kicked off Warped Tour amidst drug abuse and sexual harassment allegations. “At first we were like, ‘Okay, this is probably the stupidest thing that's ever happened to us,’” he said. “We were on the way to Warped Tour, whatever, and we drank—it’s not, like, a huge thing to us. To me, in my mind—and I’m not sitting here getting black-out drunk every night—I used to put, y’know, a needle in my arm. So if I want to have a beer, I think I'm entitled to be able to respect myself and stay with my guys, who obviously aren’t gonna let me ever do anything stupid.“

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He later added, “And then this whole sexual harassment thing, when we’re sitting there texting the girl and she's like, ‘It wasn't anything sexual; it wasn't rapey—I was just uncomfortable.’ The whole thing just went off ‘cause every single person got up for this meeting or whatever, and they were just like, ‘You just need to get clean.’ And in my head, I’m just about to jump off the cliff right now ‘cause I’m not using heroine. It was bullshit, but at the same time, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us. Since then, we’ve literally… We didn’t have any physical copies of [our new record] in stores, and we did 6,000 the first week. And to us, that’s amazing, to not have anything actually in stores—no scans, nothing. Just people online knowing about it, who are die-hards that bought it.”

You can hear the entire interview with Craig below.