The Buffalo-born guitarist for Every Time I Die Jordan Buckley creates brilliant art both on and off the stage. The 2017 APMAs Best Guitarist winner is well known for his drawing craft. His vibrant color choices and attention to detail make his art unique and wonderfully graphic at times.

Some may recognize Buckley’s particular style on the cover of ETID’s 2009 album, New Junk Aesthetic, where he drew an intricate man holding his hands over his eyes, rotting on the outside, which is the perfect look for this metal record.

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Recently, Buckley shared a badass sketch that’s now a part of Gerard Way’s Quarantine Coloring BookHe's even been sharing his favorite colored pieces on Twitter. You can learn more about the project here.

This sketch is gruesome and awesome, but there’s a lot more where that came from. Check out just a handful of Buckley’s amazing pieces below. If you like what you see, you can purchase select drawings, prints and apparel items at his digital art shop. Keep up to date on his Twitter to see all of his work. 

1. Jason from Friday The 13th


Buckley shipped out several hand-colored prints in March depicting the many faces of Jason Voorhees from the classic horror franchise Friday The 13th. To be honest, most people would find that drawing one movie villain perfectly is hard, let alone a collection of 12 bloody faces. Every true horror and metal fan will surely appreciate this illustration. 

2. A “We’rewolves”-themed drum head for their London show


If you’re a fan of ETID’s music, you will love Buckley’s artistic reference to their song “We’rewolf.” When on tour, he loves to draw on drum heads and will specify his work to the city they’re headed toward or make pop culture references in his “Daily Drum Doodles.” Other impressive drumheads include his Gritty drawing, his Austin Powers piece and, of course, the Night King from Game Of Thrones

3. A rad Juul-boarding Year Of The Rat calendar


For several years, Buckley has made impressive calendars well beyond the typical Niagara Falls calendar your mom has on her wall. Every year, he draws an animal that reflects the Chinese zodiac sign of the year. 2020 was the Year Of The Rat, which, as you can see, is rad as hell. In past years, he’s also completed calendars featuring the Year Of The Pig, Year Of The Rooster, Year Of The Dog, Year Of The Monkey and Year Of The Goat.

4. An edgy octopus tour poster


When he can, Buckley designs posters for his own tour dates. This octopus is so neat, wrapping around the Statue Of Liberty in a bottle. His creativity and attention to detail is unfathomable. You can check out a video clip of him digitally shading the sea creature here as well as see another ETID tour poster from 2019 here.

5. This insane Ghost Inside poster


Not only does Buckley draw for his own band, but he shared his talents with the Ghost Inside. A few posters were specially printed on metallic foil for the band’s first show since 2015. “If you get one of the five printed on metallic foil, you will receive a factory tour and a lifetime supply of chocolate,” Buckley joked in a tweet. Regardless if you received a special print or not, every customer can appreciate the skill and time it took to piece this fiery bird together. 

6. A creepy Krampus poster for ’Tid The Season

Every year, Every Time I Die host ’Tid The Season, a weekend-long holiday celebration full of bands and wrestling in their city of Buffalo. Buckley has a hand in designing these posters as well. In 2018, he drew a creepy Krampus to set the tone. Many artists may be envious of this monster’s perfectly sharp teeth and red under-eye bags. Check out his most recent poster from 2019 here

7. An intricate ETID cymbal


If you stumbled across Buckley’s tent during Warped Tour 2018, you just might have seen him detailing tiny designs across a large cymbal. Here’s the final product. This man truly can do it all. He can make art on paper, on an iPad and even on various parts of a drum set. 

8. Make America Gay Again

Fans of ETID know that they share their views on politics in both their lyrics and on their social media pages. Frontman and brother Keith Buckley even tweeted “My band doesn’t need you” at Trump supporters. It only makes sense that the younger Buckley would inject his beliefs into his art. One of his most popular designs includes his “Make America Gay Again” piece picturing Captain America and Iron Man kissing. It serves as support to those in the LGBTQ+ community as well as offers a glance into the world of Marvel fan fiction. 

9. Warped Tour design 

Buckley is a Warped Tour veteran, having signed up for the cross-country summer event plenty of times throughout his musical career. He created this colorful portrait of a disembodied Medusa head with pretty good music taste. Each snake scale was handled with care as you can see here. You can even tell how much Buckley thinks about his work based on the backward reflection of the logo in her sunglasses. Despite the snakes, she’s pretty cute. 

10. A movie poster of his own design


Last year, Buckley shared an unofficial movie poster for the 2015 thriller Green Room starring Patrick Stewart. With hints of green on a gray, black and white piece, every element is gruesome in its own way. For those who have seen the film, this creation truly encapsulates the plot well. Those of you who may be interested in watching a movie about a band getting trapped in a neo-Nazi bar, check out the film on Netflix.