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Jordan Peele and Issa Rae team up to produce supernatural film ‘Sinkhole’

Despite the fact that the release of his Candyman remake with Nia Dacosta has been delayed, Jordan Peele is already getting started on his next project.

Alongside Issa Rae, the duo are producing the supernatural film Sinkhole. The film has officially been picked up by Universal.

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This week, it’s been announced that Rae and Peele are teaming up for the new film Sinkhole. The film is an adaptation of a short story with the same name. The tale is about a young family who moves into the dream home. However, there is a gaping sinkhole in the backyard. The sinkhole manages to take all things that are broken and destroyed and make them perfect and new again.

The story’s main plot surrounds what happens if, and when, a person falls into the mysterious sinkhole. Sinkhole will answer that question by diving into perceptions of female perfection and identity in society.

The film’s announcement says that the project “is a genre piece that engages on the question of female perfection and identity.”

Peele and Win Rosenfeld are producing Sinkhole through their Monkeypaw Productions. Rae is producing with Montrel McKay and Sara Rastogi through Issa Rae Productions. As well, Leyna Krow, the author of the short story is executive producing. Alex Davis-Lawrence is also executive producing. Davis-Lawrence works for the literary journal Moss, where the story is published.

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There are currently no writers or actors for Sinkhole yet. Some are speculating that Rae could be the film’s leading actress. Both Peele and Rae have worked on various genre projects in the past. Rae previously worked with Universal on the fantasy comedy Little and the romantic drama The Photograph.

Peele’s gained a reputation in the industry for his Oscar-winning directorial debut Get Out and the follow-up Us. His forthcoming Candyman remake, however, is facing various release delays due to coronavirus. The film was originally set to arrive in June and was pushed to Sept. 25. Now, it arrives Oct. 16. Last month, we got a chilling new look into the 1992 remake with a new teaser.

The full Sinkhole short story is available to read here.

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