It's been a year since Get Out first hit theaters, and while it's been a minute since the edge of your seat thriller made its way into our lives, the film's director shared a few details about his original endings of the film that could have drastically changed the movie's outcome. 

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The film's writer and director, Jordan Peele, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the film's alternate endings and we have to say—we're completely OK with how he chose to end the film after finding out what the fate of Chris could have been. 

*Spoilers Ahead*

For those who haven't seen the film or don't mind a spoiler alert, Get Out follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), as they visit her family as a couple for the first time. After realizing not everything is as it seems, Chris soon uncovers the much darker reasoning behind his meeting Rose's family. Discovering that Rose lures young black people into the family's home so they can take older, white people's brains and put them into the bodies of the lured victims, Chris tries to escape. The film's ending shows Chris escaping the family's clutches as his best friend, Rod (Lil Rel Howery), comes to his rescue. 

Intense, right? Well, the film could have had a drastically different outcome, according to Peele. 

Originally called Get Out Of The House, Peele told The Hollywood Reporter that he had several different versions of the ending of the film. After planning the plot over the course of a few years and actually writing the first draft of the script in a couple of months, one of the first endings saw Chris getting arrested and his best friend, Rod, visiting him months later. (You can see this ending below.) Prior to that ending, Peele shared with THR of another ending that didn't quite make the cut:

"I had several different [endings]. There was a while where it was more of a gated community, and we get to Chris breaking out, but right before he breaks out he meets some sort of final test that we don’t know how it ends," Peele says. "We cut to Rod a couple months later, breaking into the gated community, going down the main street and seeing Chris just looking into the reflection of a window. And he goes: ‘Chris, I've been looking for you. Are you OK?’ And Chris turns to him and goes, ‘I assure you, I don’t know who you’re talking about.’"

While both of the endings could have dramatically impacted the film, we must say that we're pretty happy with the ending that we saw in theaters. What ending of Get Out would you have preferred to make the final cut? 

You can watch one of the alternate endings below!