Artists can sometimes let catchiness overcome their desire to make a difference with music, but Joseph Luca’s new single, “Relapse,” isn’t pulling any punches. The blossoming alt-pop newcomer is teaming up with AP to share his latest track and music video. 

As a genre, pop is notorious for surface-level subject matter paired with a catchy beat. However, in the age of modern music, the harsh realities of life are a prime subject matter.

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For Luca, this age of musical renaissance is a perfect opportunity to tackle a worldwide epidemic: addiction. 

Pacing along with an echoing, uneasy tone, Luca smoothly serenades through a list of his shortcomings. These finely tuned inflections quickly spin into a belting chorus, with the singer seemingly scolding himself over tripping on the “same old mistakes.”

“This record is a call to arms for families struggling with mental illness and drug
addiction,” Luca explains. “The lyrics, ‘Don’t fade away,’ are a reminder you are loved.”

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“Relapse” is a prime example of a music video and song working in synergy. Showing a close-up dramatization of an overdose, Luca looks to show the harsh reality of opioids. 

With the track's biting message and the video's hard look at reality, Luca makes his message crystal clear on multiple levels.

You can check out the new track and video below, and it’s available to stream here

In light of the harsh but necessary message of the track, Luca encourages fans to donate to MusiCares. The nonprofit provides assistance for music people in times of need, offering financial, medical and personal assistance for the health and welfare of the music community. You can find more information here

Luca is set to debut his forthcoming EP live in its entirety July 20 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now, available here.

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