Josh Dun from twenty one pilots is showing his athletic side and appreciation for Rocky in a new video posted to his social media.

Dun posted a clip of him and boxer Glenn Holmesla training on the steps where Sylvester Stalone famously trained in Rocky.

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Dun went for the training session prior to the band's gig in Philadelphia a few days ago and also revealed he's been doing boxing training every day for the past two weeks.

According to Holmesla's Instagram, he's been on the road with the bad helping Dun train the whole time.

"Trained every day for the past two weeks with @glennholmesla but boxing at the rocky steps in philly before the gig was probably the highlight," Dun wrote on his post.

Check out the entire clip of Dun doing boxing training on the Rocky steps below.

More on twenty one pilots

Tackling their Location Sessions once again, twenty one pilots have taken “The Hype” and reworked it as their latest reimagined track from Trench.

The band rented a studio in Berlin, Germany for one day and the results are an entrancing new twist on yet another Trench track.

“I thought since I had so much fun reimagining some older songs off of ‘Trench,’ I was going to do that again today at the studio here for the song ‘The Hype.'” vocalist Tyler Joseph explains in the video. “We just have one day. We’ll see what happens.”

Check out the reimagined version of “The Hype” as the latest edition to twenty one pilots Location Sessions below.

What do you think of Josh Dun's Rocky training spoof? Let us know in the comments below.

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