Bay Area artist Josh Lambert is best known for his trap beats and quick rhymes     such as his recent release “Saturday Girl.” Today, he’s exclusively premiering his new rock-rap fusion track “On And On” with AltPress. 

Lambert has ventured further into the alternative genre than ever before, drawing inspiration from some of the scene’s biggest names. AltPress had the chance to discuss the story behind the song, how the artist is handling self-isolation and what’s to come in 2020. Listen to the song and read the interview below. 

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Your track “On And On” is a new venture into the world of alternative rock, and it’s much different from your previous tracks. Who or what influenced you to create tracks with a new genre?

I grew up listening to Green Day, Nirvana and the Fray. I’ve always been interested in making that type of music. I was just waiting for the right time. I grew up playing the guitar, but I didn’t play it during high school, and I finally picked it up again last year. I think waking up and playing the guitar every morning has pushed me in a different direction music-wise. 

Tell us the story behind “On And On.” What personal experiences influenced your lyrics, if any?

It was a combination of relationships. All of my music comes from emotion, and in this song, I reflect on past relationships and what I’ve learned from them. 

How are you staying creatively in tune with yourself and fans while we undergo this period of self-isolation?

I have a studio in my room, so it’s giving me a lot of time to be productive. The world is stuck in a hectic motion, but I’ve been staying inside and making music all day. I’ve had the mindset that if I start making five beats a day, my production will get a lot better. I’m constantly learning something new, and I always strive to make a beat sound nothing like my last one. 

What was the easiest part of writing and recording a new song in a different genre? What was the hardest part?

Most of the music I’m making at this point is a similar style to “On And On.” It feels natural at this point and much more authentic to my abilities. This genre of music has tested my ranges and ability to show character through my voice. 

What do you hope to accomplish within the year? What can listeners expect in 2020?

The “On And On” video will be beautiful. It will be the first stepping stone in that direction. Expect a lot of variation in 2020.