It's got to be a pretty daunting task playing the young version of Harry Potter's Dumbledore, but we've got a feeling Jude Law is ready to take on the role.

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The actor recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his version of a young Dumbledore, how he prepared for the role, and what advice Harry Potter series' creator J.K. Rowling shared with him.

When asked if he looked to the actors who previously played Dumbledore, Richard Harris and Michael Gambon, Law shared that they were definitely a thought in his mind, but that doesn't mean he took all of his character portrayal in imitating them.

"I’m sure they were in the back of my mind, because I’d seen their work and admired both of them as actors, greatly. I talked with [director] David Yates about that and we both decided that it wasn’t necessary to do an impersonation of one of them as a younger man," Law told EW. "This is a man with almost 100 years ahead of him before he became that character so we wanted to look at who he was in this moment and construct our own version."

The actor also shared that in order to prepare for the role, he sat with author J.K. Rowling to get a sense of the wizard's life prior to what fans saw in the Harry Potter series, saying:

"I had the good fortune and opportunity to sit with J.K. Rowling shortly after we started work on it," Law shared. "She gave me a very good sense of Albus’ life journey and who he was and what was happening in his head and his heart and his world for this particular story."

We're pretty excited about seeing the new Fantastic Beasts movie, especially after hearing how Law went about preparing for the role!

To see for yourself Jude Law's portrayal of the beloved wizard, you can check out the trailer below!

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald is due out Nov. 16.