julia jacklin i was neon
[Photo by Nick Mckk]

Watch Julia Jacklin's new "I Was Neon" video

Julia Jacklin has released her new single, “I Was Neon,” along with a music video. The track is from Jacklin’s upcoming album, PRE PLEASURE.

The record drops Aug. 26 via Polyvinyl.

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“I Was Neon” is a gorgeous spiral of quiet but needling anxieties. Jacklin finds herself stuck in a loop as she asks, “Am I going to lose myself again?” Her voice lacks the fear her questions are laden with, leading to an oddly comforting existential crisis.

The video cuts between shots of Jacklin playing the song and others of her walking through different areas, looking pensive. Deep blues and greens catch the eye as she wanders through lush, grassy settings.

Jacklin shared the track’s origin in a press release.

“I first wrote ‘I Was Neon’ for a band called Rattlesnack, a short-lived, much-loved 2019 side project that I played drums in,” Jacklin says. “I rewrote it for my album in Montreal, during a time when I was desperately longing for a version of myself that I feared was gone forever.”

Check out “I Was Neon” below.