[Photo by: julia_gorton_nowave/Instagram]

Julia Gorton was able to do what most photographers today would only dream of—capture some of the most iconic moments in NYC's punk history. 

In an interview with Garage, she talks more about how she was able to capture photos of some of music's biggest icons, including Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and David Byrne.

“When you had a large unusual camera that made instant prints, it was easy to approach people,” she said. “It was very dark at CBGBs. Sometimes the photos didn’t come out the first time. Since the film was expensive, I only shot a few frames of each subject.”

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Recently, Gorton tells Garage that she began looking through her archive, realizing she could use modern tech—like Photoshop—to edit her original photos and “find the hidden images in the darker images.” And now she shares the photos on Instagram, where she’s seen some incredible notice for her work.

“10,000 followers, I'm completely floored,” she recently shared on Instagram. “This was late 70's New York. Thanks!!”

Check out a few of her incredible photos below:


Iggy at the Palladium (un retouched and on screen) by Julia Gorton. . #iggypop #thestooges #juliagorton @iggypopofficial

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