[Photo by: Jurassic World‏/Twitter]

Ever wished to discover, breed and battle your very own dinosaurs? Same. Lucky for you, Jurassic World is releasing a Pokemon Go-esque game, Jurassic World Alive, that'll let you do just that.

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Modeled after the popular Pokemon Go mobile game, Jurassic World Alive will let you to collect dinosaurs and send out an in-game drone to collect DNA—much like in the movies—in order to create a genetically modified dino.

Aside from building your own dinosaur army, you can real-time battle friends and their unique dinosaur army. That means this spring, you can win battles and collect rewards right on your phone—and we can't wait.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

If you just can't wait for the release this spring, you can check out the Jurassic World Alive website to pre-register and get a free reward upon its launch.

Oh, and be careful where you step. You could be walking right past a T-Rex...