It’s time to remove the “I hate country music” stick out of your ass—at least when it pertains to rising country superstar Kacey Musgraves. Not only is she open-minded compared to her conservative counterparts, she also loves emo. That alone is enough to sell us. Here are 10 times that the mastermind behind 2018’s Golden Hour was openly a little yeemo.

It’s not a phase, Kacey. Embrace it.

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  1. She knows all of the words to Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem.”
This video warranted a response from Good Charlotte themselves. After sending the country star “big love,” Musgraves thanked them for all of the memories. We don’t care who you think you are—that is some cute shit.
  1. She’s going on tour with Soccer Mommy.
Name one other country singer who would go on tour with an up-and-coming bedroom-pop artist. That’s right, you can’t. Either way, catch us at those dates yeeing and hawing.
  1. She loves Hawthorne Heights.
Don’t worry, Musgraves responding with a reference to “Ohio Is For Lovers” made us fall more in love with her, too.
  1. She coined the term “yeemo.”
And thus we started using “yeemo” in our daily vocabulary.
  1. She covered Weezer’s “Island In The Sun.”

Musgraves sure put the sweetest touch of twang on this all time classic. We want MCR and Dashboard Confessional covers on LP five, Kacey. Just sayin’.

  1. She rocked out to Dashboard Confessional with Paramore’s Hayley Williams.
Speak of the devil, this video literally can’t get any more iconic. Not only is Musgraves jamming out to Dashboard Confessional, she’s also singing every word with one of the biggest emos of all time, Hayley Williams...So where’s the collab?
  1. She is followed by @emonitela on Twitter.
Once you get this kind of validation, you know you’re emo.
  1. She misses the early 2000s.
We do too, Kacey.
  1. Golden Hour was meant to be an “emo country” album.

In addition to wanting to make 2018’s Golden Hour the emo/country crossover of a lifetime, she also says that girls who are also in their “emo phase” should channel their energy and not just get rid of it. “I went through this little phase when I was like 14 and 15, and I was really angry, and I just got all my emotions out in song, and I chopped my hair off,” she says. “I kind of want to bring it back a little bit.”

  1. She went through a scene phase in high school.
10 times Kacey Musgraves admitted to being a little emo yeehaw

[Photo by: Mineola High School Yearbook][/caption] 

The flat-ironed, side-swept bangs say it all.