During last evening’s Coachella festivities, DJ Kayzo was spotted with scene favorites YUNGBLUD, Tommy Lee, Alex Gaskarth, Grandson and Frank Zummo.

Additionally, not only did Kayzo hang out with the aforementioned people, he also invited many of them onstage with him.

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According to footage from Coachella, not only did Kayzo play his brand-new track he made with All Time Low, “Up In Flames,” he also invited YUNGBLUD onstage to perform “11 Minutes.”

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2019/04/57289038_128943108219316_3839079962315827407_n.mp4"][/video]

As previously reported, Kayzo said he would debut the track with All Time Low at the festival.

“We have a lot of special guests and cool things coming out. I’m about to put out my next single from my next album with a band called All Time Low and the song is called, ‘Up In Flames.’ It’s something we’re going to be debuting in a new way at Coachella and we’re definitely excited about that release post-Coachella.”

Additionally, Zummo, who also happens to be Kayzo’s current touring drummer, teamed up with the DJ for a performance of “Fat Lip.”

Recently, Zummo unveiled his first solo single, “The Less We Know (feat. Micah Martin).”

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However, Zummo was not the only famous drummer that took part in Kayzo's set last evening. According to Tommy Lee's wife's Instagram story, the Mötley Crüe drummer also had some time on the California stage.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2019/04/56997166_163961804606073_6906904303861015249_n-1.mp4"][/video]

In regards to Grandson, he could be spotted onstage with Kayzo during the DJ’s set.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2019/04/57579856_2170805179669164_1635567377169270117_n.mp4"][/video]

Additionally during an Instagram takeover, Kayzo took a video of the group all hanging out at once, which you can watch below.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2019/04/57543449_622896568137352_6493843198800494393_n.mp4"][/video]

What do you think of Kayzo’s stacked Coachella set? Let us know in the comments below.

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