Scene kids across the globe love Kellin Quinn for one reason or another. Whether it’s the work he’s done fronting Sleeping With Sirens or appearing on the iconic track “King For A Day,” Quinn has an undeniable range that we would love to hear in other music projects.

He’s certainly no stranger to collaborations. Aside from Pierce The Veil, Quinn has also worked with Palaye Royale, Machine Gun Kelly, Good Charlotte and more. 

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In honor of the band’s recent return to form, Quinn’s 34th trip around the sun and more than 10 years since SWS’ debut record, here are some collaborations we would love to see happen if we had a birthday wish, too. 

1. Fall Out Boy 

Fall Out Boy have featured some impressive guests, including Elton John and Courtney Love. However, they’ve never collabed with this scene favorite. We think it would be perfect. Fall Out Boy blend genres and have incorporated metal elements into their tracks such as “The Carpal Tunnel Of Love” from Infinity On High. Between Patrick Stump’s powerful yet soothing vocals and Quinn’s urgent screams, we think a crossover would be great for emo fans everywhere. 

2. All Time Low

All Time Low delighted fans everywhere by bringing on Vic Fuentes for “A Love Like War” from Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! These bands all go way back, having toured together and shared Warped Tour stages as well. It’s a no-brainer that this should definitely be arranged for ATL’s next album. 

3. My Chemical Romance

Let’s be real: Everyone’s dream collaboration would be with My Chemical Romance in some way, shape or form. They’ve set the standard for emo music, and Sleeping With Sirens have raised the bar for up-and-coming alternative artists as well. Frontman Gerard Way’s raw lyrics and emotive delivery would pair well with Quinn’s enticing vocals. With varying styles but similar backgrounds, their joint effort would pay off. 

4. Waterparks

Waterparks love bringing bright pop sounds, spunky vocals and moody lyrics to the table. Quinn offers that same energy in Sleeping With Sirens, especially through their 2015 LP, Madness. With these matching styles, this collaboration would result in a certified feel-good track… That is, until you check out the lyrics a little closer. 

5. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a punk queen who’s helped pave the way for young women to succeed in music. Similarly, Quinn has also offered inspiration for young people aspiring to head into the alternative music scene. These two would make a great song that would encourage a variety of audiences to keep going, push through their hardships and say “What the hell?” when appropriate. 

6. Thirty Seconds To Mars

Like Sleeping With Sirens, Thirty Seconds To Mars also evolved their sound over the course of their successful career. Frontman Jared Leto and Quinn would create a dynamic duo with immense vocal range and lived musical experience. This track would have astounding gang vocals just like “Legends.” Undoubtedly, this dream collaboration would be legendary. 


WSTR have manic energy in their riffy tunes that could absolutely be elevated by Quinn’s compelling vocals. With WSTR being a relatively new addition to the scene, this dream collab could serve as a symbolic passing of the torch to the bands who will be shaping the future of the alternative genre. Plus, this project would definitely make you want to open up the pit. 

8. Andrew McMahon

Several popular rock acts cite Something Corporate as an inspiration for their music. Though frontman Andrew McMahon has gone on to create his own music projects now, we would love to see these two head back to their roots and tap into that punk energy present in “I Woke Up In A Car.” This collaboration would result in some Let’s Cheers To This vibes, surely. 

9. Poppy

The riffs present in “Leave It All Behind” are reminiscent of Poppy’s metal strings in “I Disagree.” The utter power these two artists possess is jaw-dropping. Both singers have a unique voice that’s easily distinguishable from other rock acts, including their screams. Additionally, both projects are unafraid to experiment with genre-blending. They could make the next best collaboration with some unexpected elements, don’t you think? 

10. A Day To Remember

It’s a little surprising that these scene giants have never collaborated together at least once. A Day To Remember are both vocally and instrumentally dynamic, just like Sleeping With Sirens. With years upon years of experience under their respective belts, ADTR and Quinn could definitely put their brains together to create an iconic hit that combines unique guitar riffs, heavy bass and, of course, those signature screams you know and love.