In most professions, it’s the responsibility of the established master to take aspiring apprentices and show them the ways of success. In the competitive music industry, this isn’t always the case, but Kellin Quinn is taking the mentor role a whole step further.

While some artists simply see bringing young support acts on the road as a form of teaching, the Sleeping With Sirens frontman wanted to do more. Not only has he taken fledgling acts under his tutelage, but he established an organization with the sole purpose of helping them reach their dreams.

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Fittingly dubbed Dreamer, Quinn’s latest endeavor is hell-bent on giving promising artists the opportunity and support to be successful. For him, though, it’s all about advancing the industry.

“It started with bands DM’ing me asking for advice or sending me music,” Quinn recalls. “I’ve always been a fan of discovering new artists. I think it’s important to stay current and to keep pushing music forward. That’s what Dreamer is all about for me, pushing music forward.”

Quinn holds fast to that goal. As much as the company’s sights are set on the particular bands they work with, it all comes down to what matters most in this profession. 

Bypassing politics, connections and other behind-the-curtain issues aspiring acts deal with, he wants to make sure a band’s success is based on what they do best. 

“My mission statement is music over everything,” he says. “I believe the music is the most important part. If you write great songs, you can impact or change the world and make it a better place. 

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“Our job is to say the things most people think about every day but can’t express themselves,” he continues. “I want to help inspire young artists to work hard and pursue their dreams, help them to be smart when it comes to the business and to make a difference.”

With three bands already on the roster, Quinn intends to not only offer advice to Roseburg, Manic! and Patient Sixty-Seven, but give “anything and everything” according to each group’s needs, whether it’s managing, producing or tracking down cover art, among other things.

Any act could flourish under the wing of a star, nonetheless Quinn himself. However, the gilded vocalist doesn’t want to spread himself too thin.

At the end of the day, it comes down to helping those under the Dreamer umbrella and making sure they’re getting the assistance they need. Still, Quinn is always looking for promising artists to push through the stratosphere, even if it isn’t with Dreamer.

“It’s important for me to keep the roster relatively small,” Quinn says. “I want each group to feel like they’re getting the love they deserve. But I’m definitely open to more artists sending me music. Even if they aren’t involved with my company, I can at least give some advice or pass their music on to someone who may be interested.”

This is far from Dreamer’s full potential, though. Although he’s securing a tight-knit roster, Quinn has even bigger aspirations.

The vocalist has even played with the idea of setting up full-on classes about the industry within a school called DRMR Academy.

“Eventually, I’d love to start a school that teaches students all facets of the music industry,” Quinn says. “Whether it’s learning an instrument, writing songs, producing, photography, management, booking [or] live sound, the possibilities are endless.” 

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Dreamer’s acts aren’t the only one growing from the mentorship, as Quinn finds immense fulfillment from the other end of the relationships.

“It’s so rewarding for me to see one of these artists learn something or get excited about the way fans react to the music they release,” he explains. “It’s exciting to watch someone grow, It’s like watching a younger me.”

Through Dreamer, Quinn is simply passing along the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

“Keep fighting for what you love,” he urges. “Doors close so that another one can open. If you hear the word ‘no,’ don’t give up. If you love it enough, you’ll find a way.”

You can head here for more information on Quinn’s Dreamer Development Group and check out their roster of up-and-coming bands. You can contact Dreamer with all musician, manager, booking or label inquiries at

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