Five years ago, Fossil Youth were part of the hardcore scene in Oklahoma City, powered by a dynamic frontman—vocalist/guitarist Scottie Noonan—and a pretty sweet debut effort, A Glimpse Of Self Joy. But what sounded like a pretty good start for FY was actually the beginning of the end. Fossil Youth came to an end after Noonan, burnt from the grind of touring, decided to pursue other things. Namely, the world of professional video game -playing. 

Amongst the band’s fans was none other than Kellin Quinn, the Sleeping With Sirens frontman who professed his FY fandom by adding their song “Watercolor Daydream” on a playlist of things that rocked his earbuds significantly. 

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“Nobody’s Happy” was recorded but never finished. The teaming occurred when Noonan reached out to thank Quinn. This happened after he got word of the singer’s FY mention on his playlist. He then showed the SWS singer the unfinished song. Quinn tracked vocals over what was originally an instrumental bridge. The rest came together in a few days—and after months of quiet anticipation, it's finally here.

 “Nobody’s Happy is about tackling self-sabotage and wishing you were your former self,: says Noonan. “It’s potentially my favorite Fossil Youth song so far,” Noonan says.. “We played it every night on our last two-month tour, so we couldn’t be happier that we’re finally releasing it. Kellin was so kind, energetic, and motivated to be a part of this from day one, and I loved it. With the song already written, it was super-easy to shoot it over to him, let his mind roam free, text back and forth on his ideas, and knock out the part when he found time.” 

Check out “Nobody’s Happy” and see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face. 

And if you find yourself in Oklahoma City on Nov. 1, Fossil Youth—Noonan, Derek Neef, Zach Jones and Hesston Swenn—will be playing their only date at 89th Street with tickets here. An insider close to the band says the show is “not quite a reunion, not quite a reformation, just a celebration.” Sounds like a party to us...