Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn has taken to Instagram to share a photo of some new microphones, but it may also hint at their new album cover.

The vocalist posted a photo of two mics he'll be using on tour, one bright blue and the other red and white.

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Quinn's caption has us excited to see what the new album art could look like, though it clearly has to do with the colors.

"Gotta match that new album art! Thanks @telefunken_mics stoked to use these all summer!! @rockstardisrupt" his caption reads.


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Gotta match that new album art! Thanks @telefunken_mics stoked to use these all summer!! @rockstardisrupt

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As previously reported, Sleeping With Sirens possibly hinted at a new album after wrapping up their tour with Good Charlotte last year.

Their guitarist Nick Martin shared some thoughts on the Gossip-era and suggested something for this year.

“The end of a tour & an album cycle is always a wide range of emotions. I feel everything from happiness to sadness to appreciation,” he reflects. “…but also the fear, which I thrive off of.”

At the end of a long Twitter thread, Martin finished off by writing “Sirens 2019.”

Then, in April Quinn confirmed we would be getting new material soon.

What do you think Kellin Quinn's Instagram post could mean for the new Sleeping With Sirens album cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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