It's hard to believe its been over a decade since Kelly embarked on her iconic mission to buy some shoes. Now, Kelly, portrayed by comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan, is back.

This time around, however, shoes are the last thing on Kelly's mind. Instead, Kelly wants everyone to mask up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Since its 2020, Kelly is giving the viral classic "Shoes" a massive update. With her signature blonde hair and iconic "betch" shirt, Kelly is on the hunt for a new outfit in Sullivan's first video in seven years.

The "Masks" video starts out with Kelly video-chatting her parents. Her dad is now apologetic and sincere while her mom is just as we all remember her. The conversation is full of her parents' worry about her behavior and the ongoing pandemic. Once Kelly puts on her face mask, however, the argument with her mother really ramps up.

"If I hear another thing about a mask I'm going to lose it," Kelly's mom, a clear anti-masker, says.

In response, Kelly gives the infamous eye roll and says "just go fuck yourself, mom" before the video cuts to her heading outside. Of course, just like in "Shoes," some masks rule and other masks suck.

The deadpan video points the finger at anti-maskers and those that don't wear the protective face coverings properly. As well, Kelly gives a nod to the "Shoes" video with a black mask that is covered in high heels.

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In the video's description, Sullivan explains why he decided to bring Kelly back to talk about coronavirus. As well, a portion of the proceeds from the "Masks" video is being donated to Doctors Without Borders.

“Listen, betches, research shows that masks can block the majority of particles that could contain SARS-CoV-2, so… let’s wear a mask! And be sure to wash your cloth mask after each use if possible. The CDC says so, DECK! Even though this may piss off my mom, we’re donating a portion of the revenue generated from this video to Doctors Without Borders, to help in their fight. It’s great to see you all! Stay safe and let’s keep caring about each other!”

The "Masks" video is available to watch below.

Are you happy to see the return of Kelly after so many years? Let us know in the comments below.