If you’ve been anywhere near a virtual newsstand over the past year, you’ve most likely read a few headlines about Kesha’s ongoing lawsuit against her Sony recording contract and producer Dr. Luke. But the former party-pop princess refuses to let the now two-year-long case keep her from the stage. On Friday, Kesha released this incredible video on her Facebook as a holiday treat:

A little over two years ago, Kesha announced her plans to split from her producer Dr. Luke and rebrand herself—ultimately dropping the dollar sign from her name—and put out the type of music she wanted. Believe it or not, the overly synthesized party anthems like “Blow” and “Take It Off” don’t fit the vibe she wanted for her music. Unfortunately, the ongoing lawsuit has hindered Kesha from releasing any new music. So the most punk rock move to make? Put together a Nashville-as-hell band, name it Yeast Infection and perform her top hits completely reimagined.


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In the aforementioned video you’ll find a 7-minute clip of a surprise Yeast Infection show in Nashville. The clip shows Kesha and Yeast Infection performing two of her most popular hits, 2011’s “Blow” and her latest smash collaboration with Pit Bull, 2013’s “Timber.” But the songs are almost unrecognizable, especially the psychedelic-inspired rendition of “Blow.”  

Kesha hasn’t made any statements about whether or not Yeast Infection is going to be an ongoing project or if it was just a one-time show to send a giant middle finger to Dr. Luke. But she proved she has some serious screaming pipes and is ready to bring on a new era of Kesha.