The final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour raised $25,773 for the Living the Dream foundation.

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Founder Kevin Lyman shared the news on Twitter today. He explained that Warped Tour raised the amount by giving 5 cents out of every ticket to the foundation.

"It will help to keep their mission going, of bringing people with health issues to concerts," Lyman wrote.

On Aug. 5, the scene said goodbye to 24 years of Warped Tour in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The last day brought us all to tears with Every Time I Die playing while their stage got dismantled and Pennywise closing the last-ever show with "Bro Hymn."

"We now give this tour to the fans. Take the spirit of Warped w/you into your lives and do great things," the official Vans Warped Tour twitter account shared. "Build each other up, engage in philanthropic endeavors, and never forget your roots."

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