Keyboardist Of The Year

Woe, Is Me's Ben Ferris (pictured far right)

Ferris' tips on being a successful keyboardist:

1. In my opinion, a MIDI controller and software (such as Reason or Ableton) is more effective in a live environment than a normal synthesizer or workstation.

2. Consider piano lessons, but don't let the skew your view on writing music. Think for yourself and keep it weird.

3. Learn to play by ear and improvise. Choose a random song key and play around in that song key for as long as you can. If you write something cool, you can transpose it to a new key if you need to.


Sammi Doll (My Satellite)

"She's fashionable, pretty and really talented." - Aisling Foy, Galway, Ireland

My Satellite, "A Nighttime Daydream"

Josh Balz (Motionless In White)

"His keyboard parts flow perfectly with the heavier parts of MIW's music." - Erika Lauren, Westlake, OH

James Baney (The Devil Wears Prada)

"He goes harder than anybody that has ever played keys." - Manuel Gonzales, Chandler, AZ

James DeWees (My Chemical Romance/Get Up Kids)

"He doesn't get enough appreciation from MCR fans!" - Eloise Morris, London, England