Kentucky Fried Chicken may have just have unveiled the weirdest ASMR of 2019. To accompany their new gravy-scented candle, KFC has released a series of relaxing “fried chicken sounds.”

The series includes three separate tracks featuring the sounds of frying chicken, simmering gravy and falling fries.

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Users can either choose to “relax,” “unwind” or “de-stress” with KFC’s “KFChill.” The ASMR audio is meant to promote the chain’s Gravy Mega Box.

“If you thought that the sounds of nature were relaxing, here's another way to unwind,” KFC’s website says. “It's time to free your mind and immerse yourself in the actual sounds of the KFC Gravy Mega Box. So take a deep breath and fill your senses with Finger Lickin' Good Vibes. 'Cos this January it's all gravy, baby.”

The audio totals over 2 hours when played front to back, with the fried chicken and gravy audio reaching almost an hour each. Users can either stream the audio or download it to listen from wherever.

If this is your thing, you can listen to the KFC-themed ASMR here.

Additionally, if you already picked up your fried-chicken-scented firelog, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest disgusting home oddity will make your collection complete… Or so we hope. KFC has also released a new candle that not only looks like solidified wax gravy, it also smells like it.

You can check out the gravy-scented candle below.

According to Elite Daily, there are only 230 candles available. To make matters even more interesting, consumers can’t purchase these candles; Instead, they must enter to win them fair and square. Additionally, the contest is limited to UK and Ireland residents only.

Will you use KFC’s ASMR to fall asleep tonight? Let us know in the comments below.