[Photo by: Aaron Okeefe/YouTube]

What's better than a group of kids covering Slayer? Honestly, not much. A group of kids, aged 5 to 18, got together to cover Slayer's "Raining Blood," and it's truly as epic as it sounds.

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As the video explains, Kaden Karns (14) took up lead vocals, John Fowler (14) was on rhythm guitar, Eli Dykstra (15) took on lead guitar, Eli Dykstra (15) was on the bass and Curtis Moss (18) was on drums. Of course, they had help from 5-year-old Annika Miller on the thunder tube and 7-year-old Logan Miller on the rainstick.

The cover is unbelievably good, and as they tell Loudwire, it's because they've spent a number of their childhood years practicing. They also explain that they wanted to give the original Slayer track justice, but wanted to put their own twist on it as well.

"I wanted to try something different: I wanted to write melodic solos in a Slayer song!" Dykstra tells Loudwire. "I thought it would be impossible, being the extremely hard hitting song that it is. Plus, I was a little worried what die-hard fans would think. I believe that you need to respect the core of a song when you cover it, but the purpose of covering a song is to add a little piece of yourself to it as well.

"I love the challenge of creating that balance."

Give it a listen below:

The session was organized by the O'Keefe Music Foundation, which provides children with the opportunity to record their music for free.