Killswitch Engage released a video for their song “The Signal Fire” that shows current vocalist Jesse Leach facing off against former singer Howard Jones. 

The song comes from the band’s latest album Atonement which dropped last week. 

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Both Leach and Jones switch off vocals on the song, which adds to the passion and intensity of the song. 

“The video is a demonstration of solidarity and unity,” Leach said in a statement. “This is for the fans and this is our testimony to all who see this video. In these times we live in, I believe this is an important message — not just for us as a band and our fans but for all of humanity. This is a call for compassion and understanding. This is strength in unity.” 

“The making of the video was a great experience as well,” he continued. “Just all of us guys hanging out and having fun together. Ian McFarland did a hell of a job capturing the vibe and energy of our performances.” 

“It was another silly day at the office,” Jones said about the shoot. “Good food, lots of wrestling talk, and hanging out with the boys is a great way to spend the day and get a little work done.” 

You can see the video for “The Signal Fire” below. 

A few weeks ago, Killswitch Engage dropped a conceptual video for their track “I Am Broken Too.” 

“I Am Broken Too” brings mental health awareness to the forefront of the song, which now has an accompanying music video.

“The video is a reflection of real-life events that loved ones have gone through,” Leach said. “Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer did an amazing job of bringing it all to life. The result is a powerful video that captures the essence and desperation of the song.”

You can watch the video directed by Cogan and Stauffer, below.

The band are donating a portion of the proceeds from the track to Hope For The Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing outreach and education to mental health awareness.

“That song is all about what I think Hope For The Day stands for, and this issue of mental health is becoming a much more discussed issue when you see people killing themselves, celebrities or artists or musicians,” Leach shares. “It’s really prevalent in our community.

“It was a perfect way for me to write a song that isn’t just an anthem but can raise awareness and connect with the listener and make people feel less alone in this world if they’re dealing with mental health issues,” he continues.

You can see the full tracklist for Atonement below. 

1. “Unleashed”
2. “The Signal Fire” [Featuring Howard Jones]
3. “Us Against the World”
4. “The Crownless King” [Featuring Chuck Billy]
5. “I Am Broken Too”
6. “As Sure As the Sun Will Rise”
7. “Know Your Enemy
8. “Take Control”
9. “Ravenous”
10. “I Can’t Be the Only One”
11. “Bite the Hand That Feeds”

What do you think of the new Killswitch Engage video? Sound off in the comments down below!

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