Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach recently gave an update on the band's new music and how his vocal chords are healing up after surgery.

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The frontman announced back in April that he would have to undergo surgery on his vocal cords to repair an issue, which prompted the band to cancel seven of Killswitch Engage's previously scheduled shows.

After the surgery, Leach took to Instagram to share that everything went well and on June 25, the vocalist shared with the Sweden Rock Festival, his singing and screaming has improved since the surgery, saying:

“My voice feels great, so I’m in a great state of mind and I’m super excited. I feel I’m singing better than I ever have.”

Leach also confirmed that the band was working on new music when he realized that he would need surgery:

"We've got 21 songs. I got into about seven before I had to stop and get checked out. And that's when I figured out I had to go have [vocal cord] surgery to cut off nodules. But that was a total blessing in disguise because sitting with a teacher, going through rehab and re-learning how to use my voice again, I know how to do it properly."

He continued on to say:

"Finally, after all these years of abuse, I know where the voice is supposed to be placed, and I feel like I'm singing better, I'm screaming better and that's affected my mental health. So, yeah, it's been a hell of a trip, man, but everything happens for a reason."

Killswitch Engage is set to release their follow-up to 2016's Incarnate sometime in 2019.

Watch the full interview below: