Welcome to Killswitch Engage's tour blog, written by frontman Jesse Leach. Stay tuned for more of his updates from the road as the band tours with Acaro and Shadows Fall.

After just over a week of the "Alive Or Just Breathing" tour, we are all in very good spirits. Every single show thus far has been amazing. For me, it is strange and comfortable to play these songs after nine years. I have met so many people who are encouraging me and warmly welcoming me back. It feels really good. I am truly thankful that people are coming out to these shows and hearing the vocalist I am today, as I feel I have grown a great deal from even last year, nevermind 10 years ago. I have spent many hours watching the scenery go by especially on the West Coast going south to north. There is so much to see in this country, I often wonder how people can stay in one place their whole lives. The more I tour the more I realize I do have a gypsy soul and really enjoy the road.

Each night I get ready to go onstage, I thank God for bringing me to this place in my life where I am confident in my abilities as a vocalist. The band is like a little family out here; we share a great deal of laughs and good times. The other night after a killer show, we all sat in the front lounge listening to old-school hardcore (my favorite), and the band Slapshot came on and we all erupted into a sing-along and started a pit in the front lounge of our moving bus. It left me bruised, and I have a good gash on my ribs, but I regret nothing! In short, we are having a blast. Each member of the band and crew is easy to get along with and out here that is remarkable. Our crew is a group of hardworking guys who truly make us sound and look better, as well as make our lives easy. Everyone who has come to the shows has been amazing. These shows have been filled with sing alongs, stage dives, people getting downright emotional; I can see it in their eyes.

Having a second chance to be in this band is surreal at times. I would have never thought this would happen, but it all came full circle. We just finished a record I feel is my best work yet, and everyone in the band is excited for it. I’m looking forward to a few more weeks of these shows. Acaro and Shadows Fall are killing it every night. Both bands are really good guys and old friends. I think people can tell we all know each other; there is a family vibe between all of us. These shows have easily been the most fun for us, and we couldn't be happier with the road we are on. So thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm! Cheers and one love. See you on the road!