We have passed the halfway point of this tour. After some sickness making its rounds on the bus (which seems to often happen on tour), we are all finally getting back to full strength. Adam and I have struggled with some respiratory infections, which always makes for an interesting time trying to sing with mucus all up in you. Highlights of this last half of the tour thus far were definitely Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto. All around though, this tour has been a great time! Seeing the love and admiration some people have for this band is nothing short of amazing.

On another note, I have found time to go off and be a "regular human," which is important because it helps me stay grounded and detach from the monotony of the bus and clubs. I have found myself sitting at quiet bars taking in the local people, food and scenery. I had the pleasure of eating some amazing food. I also went to a wine tasting and sampled various bourbons the other night, as well. I have become fixated on finding great coffee, food and drink in every town we roll into, and for the most part on this tour, I have been very fortunate. Perhaps in another life I would have been like Anthony Bourdain traveling and sampling various cultures and foods, but for now it remains a passion and a hobby.

Anyway, back to the music. We have been listening to mixes of the new record and planning set lists for future tours. I am really amped for this new record; I have a really good feeling about it. It is great to hear the band talk about the future and feel excited for the record, as well. I am proud of these guys for all they have been through and for still pushing forward with vigor and confidence. Good times in the Killswitch camp as of late. Off to play yet another sold-out show—what a beautiful thing! Thank you to everyone for your support.