Have you ever wondered what The Kissing Booth would look like as a horror flick? Well, you don’t have to anymore. After a fan changed The Kissing Booth’s plot on its Wikipedia page, Netflix decided to take things a step further.

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The coming-of-age story originally follows a high school girl who starts a kissing booth. In typical teen-romance fashion, the main character, played by Joey King, is met with the opportunity to smooch her bad-boy crush.

However, thanks to a morbid fan, the movie could have seemingly taken a darker turn.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Just in time for Halloween, Netflix released a parody trailer that loosely follows the fan’s plot description.

The trailer just goes to show how producers can angle a story’s plot for the box office. The spoof features a drastic change in score and a plethora of unambiguous lines, spun in such a way that suggests something far more sinister than your average first kiss. You can watch the fake trailer below.

Would you like to see The Kissing Booth as a horror film? Sound off in the comment below.