Knuckle Puck have released their new EP Disposable Life via Wax Bodega. The record, produced by Seth Henderson, is comprised of five songs, including four originals and one cover of blink-182’s “Here’s Your Letter.”

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In a press release, Knuckle Puck vocalist Joe Taylor described the new EP as a throwback to the band’s roots. “It feels like we’re kind of rebooting Knuckle Puck,” says Taylor. “Making this music has been the most fun we’ve had in a really long time… It was fresh and exciting again. It was like ‘Oh man, this feels like it did in 2013.’ We captured some of that magic.”

Knuckle Puck will also head on tour this month with Hot Mulligan, Meet Me @ The Altar and Anxious. They will tour the U.S. from Feb. 10 to March 18. They will then take Hot Mulligan with them to the U.K., where they will perform dates between May 22 and June 5. For more details, go here

Listen to Disposable Life below.

Disposable Life tracklisting:

1. “Gasoline”
2. “Levitate”
3. “Lonely Island”
4. “In The Bag”
5. “Here's Your Letter (cover)”