This week, Knuckle Puck are giving fans another look into what they can expect from their forthcoming album 20/20. On June 18, the band released a music video for their new single "Breathe" which features Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade.

"Breathe" is the third track to be released from 20/20. Knuckle Puck have previously shared the tracks "RSVP" and "Tune You Out."

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to many of Knuckle Puck's plans for the year. Their intimate club tour was a few weeks in when coronavirus hit the U.S., ultimately causing the rest of the tour to be canceled. As well, their upcoming U.S. tour with New Found Glory and Simple Plan has been postponed until next year. Rescheduled dates will be announced soon.

Despite these setbacks, Knuckle Puck are still moving forward with their new album 20/20 which is officially due out September 18 on Rise Records. In celebration of the confirmed release date, Knuckle Puck have shared their new single "Breathe." The track features Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade, a band Knuckle Puck have toured with many times over the years.

On the new single, Nick Casasanto says that "Breathe" is all about regaining control of your life. From making decisions you end up regretting to finding ways to cope with negativity, "Breathe" is a reminder to take things one step at a time.

"I find myself dwelling on things when they go wrong," Casasanto says. "Maybe something happened that was beyond my control or I said something that I later regretted. When these thoughts enter my mind, they takeover and it's hard to breathe, putting me into an almost dissociative state. It wasn’t until I discovered mindfulness that I started to regain control, telling myself to take a deep breath and purge the negative thoughts."

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As for 20/20, Knuckle Puck are taking a similar approach as seen on 2015's Copacetic. With everything that is going on in the world, Knuckle Puck want this new album to help listeners live in the now and find ways to make it through hard times.

"Not every song has to be an existential journey," Casasanto says. "We went into this album wanting to make people feel good about who they are and not upset about who they aren't. There's so much to be angry about right now, and rather than contribute to it, we wanted to give people a reason to feel good. I want people to want to listen to this record."

20/20 follows up Knuckle Puck's last full-length album Shapeshifter that was released in 2017.

Along with the release of the "Breathe" music video, Knuckle Puck are launching pre-orders for 20/20. The band took to Instagram to share that two limited vinyl varients, one shirt and one long-sleeve shirt inspired by "Breathe" are available to purchase. These merch items are only available until mid-July.

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As well, a portion of the profits will be donated to Black Lives Matter Chicago. It is a 100 percent volunteer-run organization that works to end state violence and criminalization of Black communities.

Head here to pre-order 20/20 and Knuckle Puck's new merch. The "Breathe" music video featuring Derek Sanders is available to watch below.

Are you looking forward to Knuckle Puck's new album? What do you think of their new collaboration with Derek Sanders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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