Hip-hop and rock sensation KOAD has surprised fans with a new single and video, “on some bullshit,” just one day after his 19th birthday. 

“on some bullshit” was co-produced with HOLLY (A$AP Rocky) and mixed by Alex Tumay (Young Thug, Travis Scott, Kanye West). The track features an addictively punchy beat with angelic and soaring background vocals. However, KOAD’s raspy vocals and whisper speak shine throughout the entirety of the song. 

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For the “on some bullshit” visual, KOAD joined forces with longtime collaborator and director Ijaaz Noohu. The video shows the rapper coming face to face with his inner child, materialized in the form of an actual child played by Akash Narain. The two stand off against each other in KOAD’s treehouse, which he designed and built himself. Located in his parents’ backyard, the treehouse is his “creative haven.” This song and visual is the first proper introduction of the structure into his work.

After knocking out his inner child with a punch, KOAD dances outside his treehouse and in the street. He holds a koala bear stuffed animal and wears a glittery glove on one hand as he dances by himself. 

The koala bear holds an important meaning to KOAD and his music. “Benjamin Kogo, my koala, writes all my music and takes all my royalties,” he exclusively tells Alternative Press. “My mother loves Benjamin Kogo more than she loves me. Benjamin Kogo really is everything to me. I’m not too materialistic, but if someone fucked with that koala, I’m throwing hands.”

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Moving along in the video, viewers see the two characters wrestle through a suburban neighborhood, both wanting to be in the center of the camera’s frame. 

They wear throwback Lakers jerseys, with KOAD repping Magic Johnson and his inner child wearing a Shaquille O’Neal jersey. 

Utilizing warm and bright tones, the video is lighthearted and playful. However, more serious undertones about adolescence, childlike innocence and more are present.

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It's nothing new for KOAD to explore the idea of childhood through his art. Earlier this year, his debut single “pots n’ pans” revolved around a story inspired by the energy, noise and inspiration of childhood play. Produced by Grammy winner Rahki (Kendrick Lamar, Eminem) with help from songwriter KUČKA (A$AP Rocky, Flume), the song emphasizes KOAD’s unique creativity.

He looks up to hip-hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne as well as rock icons such as Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen. These influences have helped KOAD find the perfect blend of the two genres. Therefore, while the influence from other artists is present, his own vision for his art flourishes. KOAD’s main goal is to make timeless records that live long past his lifetime, similar to the achievements of his influences.

You can watch the video for “on some bullshit” below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!